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Unlike the vast majority of brokerages, our business model dictates the primacy of tenant representation. Your business is our focus, and our services are free.
Utilize Our Experience
Our team has decades of experience in tenant representation. We take our fiduciary duty of fighting for our clients' interests seriously. Finding and negotiating commercial real estate can be complicated. We help tenants navigate the complexity and find the right space for them.
Think Globally, Act Locally
The SVN Commercial network gives us the resources of a large international brokerage while remaining intimately familiar with our local RVA community. Our brokers have negotiated deals throughout central Virginia including Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover, and many other surrounding counties.
There's no cost to you
As a tenant seeking a commercial property for lease, you have zero out of pocket cost hiring one of our brokers. It's the landlord's responsibility to pay for our services. Why not get an advocate who will fight for your interests? The commercial landlord will have a professional broker, so should you.

Let's Talk About Your Goals

From finding potential spaces to lease negotiation, working with a tenant representative is a must! And at no cost to you, it's really a no brainer. The Landlord will have a broker to fight for their interests, you should have a professional fighting for yours. Fill out the form below and we'll start discussing your business needs today!
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Why should my organization use a Tenant Representative?
It is important to remember that any broker listed on a property has a responsibility to represent the interests of the landlord, and as such a tenant that is unrepresented will undoubtedly be left with terms disproportionately favoring the landlord. Conversely, Tenant Representatives work for you, the business tenant. They handle every facet of your search for space and will negotiate terms that favor your interests and will save your business money. This service does not cost you a penny, as the tenant representative derives compensation from the eventual landlord.
Why SVN | Cornerstone Commerical?
We purposefully choose to make Tenant Representation the primary focus of our brokerage services, as landlords provide such a disproportionately larger percentage of a traditional real estate company’s revenue that it would be difficult not to favor their interests. We always want to keep your interests as our primary focus. Just as attorneys and other fiduciaries are careful to avoid conflicts-of-interest because it is universally acknowledged to have a negative impact on the vigor with which they approach advocacy on behalf of their clients, so too do we avoid any representation that would create a conflict with tenant representation.
How do Tenant Representatives (Tenant Brokers) get paid?
NOT by the tenant! Commercial real estate brokers receive a commission based on the lease value; however, this fee is paid 100% by the Landlord. Through the help of a broker, tenants can visit potential properties, negotiate, and close a lease all at the expense of their future Landlord.